Taking An Inventory Of Your Life (How To Have a Blessed/Happy 2017)
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Taking An Inventory Of Your Life (How To Have a Blessed/Happy 2017)

Every year that comes to an end, brings with it a whole bunch of emotions. Happiness, gratitude, and excitement are all feelings that we feel, but sometimes there is a darker side to our reflections. Sometimes we feel some guilt, or some regret, or even some shame. these are natural feelings, and though God doesn’t … Continue reading

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Theology and Creativity – The Divine Connection

Since the beginning of time itself, things have been divinely created. Whether it is the expanse of the galaxies, the animals that inhabit our own world, or even the ideologies and principles we as humans adhere to. Things have been continuously being created for thousands of years. This line of thought is often challenged by … Continue reading

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Christians Smoking Cigars: Substance Abuse or Godly Hobby

I’ve been seen enjoying the blissful aroma of a great cigar many times. This is because I’ve never felt the need to hide it. When I was a sinner living for my own pleasure, I would surely have had a much more aggressive response to the modern-day pharisee’s religious condemnations! With this new peace I … Continue reading