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BEWARE OF FALSE FLAG ATTACKS (Manchester Bombing, Illuminati Fingerprints)

It is with very heavy hearts that once again we are covering the truth about another terrorist attack, as well as exposing the related evil.

A couple days ago an attack was carried out in Manchester at an Ariana Grande concert. The explosive was detonated in the foyer of Manchester Arena allegedly killing 22 people and wounding more than double that. All the signs of a vengeance kill by an individual extremist are present, but perhaps a little too visible.

By this bold statement, what we mean is that as in the past we have seen, many times a terrorist attack has help close to home, or is sponsored by an elite power with a sinister agenda.

We seen this type of an attack recently in Fort Lauderdale (which we covered here.)

Intel has revealed that British Authorities were aware of Salman Abedi and his plot to kill as many people as possible, but allowed it to continue. With their open border policies, Extreme Islamic Terrorism has had a very prosperous chance to flourish and build a foundation in the European nations.

However, the true darker side of this attack is not in the terrorist who committed it, but in the society that sponsored such at attack.

Several occult indicators have been place on the situation revealing the signature of the Satanic Illuminati’s fingerprints:

  • HEAVY NUMEROLOGY: The number 22 was plastered on a string of statistics. 22 people were killed on the 22nd of May. This was also the anniversary of the killing of Lee Rigby, and the Westminster Attacks.
  • Several days before the ‘attack,’ Manchester carried out panic drills and terror acts in an attempt to prepare the nation for the coming attack.
  • Immediately after the attack, British Authorities were able to identify the body as Salman Abedi, even though his body should have been absolutely incinerated in the blast.
  • Many survivors have admitted that the explosion sounded wrong, or as if it was being relayed through the speakers, and there is no footage of the explosion, and very little of any of the aftermath.
  • Ariana Grande herself has been shown to be involved with MK Ultra Mind control or some other type of brainwashing previously uttering that she HATES America and she hopes a specific sect of her fan base dies (search these conversations and quotes online, do not take my word for it.)
  • Grande also appears to be in the same Disney/Hollywood/Mega-Star boat that raises children up completely in the industry and begins the Satanic Brainwashing at a young age.
  • All of these stars and other Hollywood elites consistently show occult hand-signals in music video’s, pictures, and many different circumstances. Grande is no exception to this, consistently alluding to Satanic rituals, belonging to the occult, and sacrificial behaviour.

The list goes on about Ariana Grande’s involvement in the occult, however this Ministry does not typically go into details on a specific individual, rather try to expose the entire system/industry. This is typically because Ariana Grande may very well have not even known about the attacks. She would not need to be prepared for this, in fact, the False Flag act looks a lot better with an unsuspecting headliner.

Other Prophetic Markers:

  • The attack happened one day after President Trump’s speech in Saudi Arabia.
  • Several Months ago Scooter Braun (Ariana Grande, Kanye West, and Justin Beiber’s manager) publicly called out former president Barrack Obama’s decision to condemn Israel.
  • The U.K. General Election is coming up on June 8th, and these False Flag attacks are usually in an attempt to convince people to hand over all of their privacy or rights for the sake of safety.
  • The attack occurred the same day President Trump arrived in Israel.

The truth of the matter is that like many others, this attack was probably allowed and encouraged by the dark Shadow Government. The Elites have much to gain from Islamic terror attacks in civilised nations.

Yeshua is moving more than ever before, and his return is soon. We feel that while huge global conflict is imminent, a Christian revival is coming, and we can help make that happen! Support this Ministry by following this blog, and our YouTube Radio broadcasts, and keeping our leaders in prayer. We are happily doing the work of YHWH, and fulfilling our great commission to preach his good news.

Be vigilant when attacks like this receive a lot of publicity, because there is usually always a sinister predetermined reason. Our thoughts and prayers are of course with the victims, their families, Ariana Grande and her team, and we pray a powerful prayer of healing in the name of the mighty YESHUA to recover all of the wounded, find the lost, and comfort the heartbroken!


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