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The Danger of Tarot

Tarot Cards are a European deck of cards originally used to play several games. During the 18th Century, occultists and people of the New Age began using the cards as a tool for fortune telling and other divination.

I was introduced to the lure of Tarot after meeting a Wiccan Tarot reader when I was a teenager. She was holistic, passionate, generous, and beautiful. It is very true that we are often deceived spiritually in these ways. To me, she seemed like a wonderful person, and that she was, but on the inside she was truly struggling with a demon who was relentless.

People who begin using Tarot Cards in a form of divination are often shocked by the reality of the power they can manifest. I know this, seeing the power first hand. They begin by dabbling, learning different techniques, channels, and signs they can read. They become fascinated, obsessed, and even controlled by the cards. Eventually, they become fearful of them, and even feel trapped.

The cards themselves have no evil connotations, or power. They do not invite, promote, or create darkness. It is in the hands of the occultist, that the powers of darkness, magic, and the spirits can be evoked. These energies that are called upon, manipulated, and freed are simply the demons and the darkness your parents warned you about when you were a kid.

I have seen dark powers that lurk the Earth for various reasons. I have been in rooms where witches cast spells, mediums speak with the dead, and the power of Satan is ever present. There is nowhere more dangerous, tempting, and even foolish to be.

People that use Tarot cards develop a connection to the spirit realm that is not easily broken. Through their rituals, these demons may freely travel. One of the dangers with this is that these connections are not easily broken, and these spirits not easily lifted. It is easy to fall into the trap of Tarot, but not easy to get out of it.

I have heard many incidents where an innocent person becomes intrigued by Tarot, pulled into the world of the Occult, and has their entire life ripped apart by Satan himself. This is the ultimate scheme of Satan, and one of the ways he achieves it.

Angel Worship, Witchcraft, Paganism, Ouija, New Age, and many other belief systems or practices are simply doorways for the forces of Hell to reign freely. I know that these things can seem interesting, believable, and give you a source of power.

The source of the power however, is not in any way connected to your ability. You may feel like you are powerful, but in reality, you are only a tool used to direct the Devils power. You may feel like you can control these spirits; however you are only releasing them from their bounds.

In this reality that we live in, we have been blessed to be non-involved in the spirit realm while we are living. Many of these spirits are evil, mischievous and sinister. These principalities are not to be contacted, connected with, or spoken to by humans.

I want to stress that power feels good, we ALL want to believe we can control these types of abilities, however it is not possible for humans. Some call it magic, but in reality, it is only manipulation. It is not you manipulating energy, it is energy manipulating you.

It makes me sad to say this, but most people never truly know this until they try to disconnect themselves from it. When a member of the occult tries to leave it, Satan tries harder than ever to claim your soul in a purely evil and sinister way.

The good news is that if you want to feel a real power, knowledge, and freedom, there is one out there.

His strength reigns from the Heavens and is everlasting. When you tap into this river of love, knowledge, and faith, you can become the type of powerful that does not need to be controlled by the master of evil.

Jesus Christ, history’s most knowledgeable, loving, and sacrificial man never truly died. We know he was tortured, publicly slaughtered, and hung on the cross. We know he died willingly, and allowed himself to be captured. However the story only began there.

The Earth was originally intended to be a perfect world full of love, joy, and peace. There was never meant to be any type of crime, pain, or sickness. But when humans were created, we found a way to throw away all of those positive qualities, and invite evil and darkness to our world.

We know God could have abolished it, along with the human race, or the universe in itself, however he would not do that because of how much he loved us. His love is as vast as his knowledge. He knew that giving us free will would be the freedom we need to betray, turn away, and forsake him.  These things inevitably lead to death.

So the only way for man, was to be killed. It was either every human die and be excluded from God’s kingdom, OR God allow himself to be killed by us, and allow us to live in God’s perfect world once again. With this, we get into the incarnation (when God came to Earth in the form of man so we could actually kill him), life after death and the end of the world (when God returns and takes his Earth back).

Simply accept that this is the truth, this is the way, and this is the only hope. If you want to feel a true love, life, and peace in your soul, I urge you to turn to our Savior. This ministry is dedicated to walking with you, expressing the truth, and exposing the evil.

Click this link to CHANGE YOUR LIFE, and accept Yeushua.



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