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David Rockefeller Globalist DIES at Age 101

The Globalist, Satanist, Evil Promoting, Anti-Christ Inviting, Prosperity Hogging, Occult Leader David Rockefeller died on March 20, 2017 as a result of heart failure.

21ROCKEFELLER1-blog427.jpgThe man had 7 heart transplants over the course of his life, indulging in many trans-human/bio-engineering feats. He even had a heart transplant at the age of 100, which was met with some controversy over whether or not it should have went to him, or someone younger with more life ahead of them.

At the age of 101, he was unable to obtain another heart transplant, cheat death, and escape the wrath of God once more, and he died.

Rockefeller, and other elites who make up the New World Order believe they can achieve immortality, escape the reality of death, and through technology and science, become divine. This clearly was not the case though, as his reign of terror has finally come to an end.

The Sinister Reality of the Rockefeller’s

Along with the Rothschild’s, the Rockefeller’s are one of the highest ranking elitist families in the Illuminati. The secret society is made up of a patriarchal ranking system that holds the wealthiest most influential individuals at the top.

These elder members of the Illuminati are responsible for many of society’s changes over the last 50-60 years. The transition from a rural resource-based world to a massive industrial age is all a part of an evil plot. From fresh air and hard work, to cell-phone obsessed zombies who worship Hollywood puppets, our mind’s have been enslaved.

The Mainstream Media will call him a philanthropist, or a man who gave extensively to charity. This is confused with the true New World Order style mentality and complex the man portrayed. Each financial gift he would give was either a way to profit directly, or long term. An example of him profiting directly would be through the promotion of a brand, or service that would be picked up by many people after a donation was made. This would in turn reward Rockefeller with more money than he even gave away. A long term example of how he would benefit from his ‘philanthropy’ is through keeping entire nations completely impoverished. By donating foreign aid to a civilisation oversea’s, he can keep them completely reliant on it, and ensure they never create an industrial or agricultural institution. By donating foreign food and supplies to impoverished nations,  it actually creates more poverty. Local producers and farmers cannot compete with free foreign aid, so why bother.

This is the sinister truth behind the Rockefeller’s ‘good deeds.’ Why would the Elites want entire nations to be impoverished? This is simply a conqueror mentality. The stipulations of free foreign aid and supplies being provided is that the military or militia’s can freely use their territories for their own purposes. This is far more valuable to the Elites than the supplies or services they may donate.

How do you identify a Globalist?

A Globalist will hide their corruption and fascism behind a media personality of kindness, generosity, and care. David Rockefeller spent his whole life putting on a smile for the media, and hiding behind the label of ‘philanthropist.’ Globalists are truly psychopath’s who pretend to be humanitarians and actually convince many people that they are warriors for the good.

Together, we are fighting the Globalists and spreading the truth of the shadow government!

The Future

The evil DNA of this wealthy man who was a slave to the Illuminati is most likely archived somewhere. Through the use of A.I. bots and other V.R. technology, we can assume that we have not seen the end of this man’s parade. His legacy of supporting and spreading the Illuminati and its sub-compartments will affect this world for a very long time.

George Soros is not far behind this man in terms of evil and corruption. Perhaps he will continue this sinister and satanic agenda, and be the one who actually initiates the beginning of the end of society as we know it.


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