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No More Freedom Of Speech

Well folks, we said it was coming but this post is announcing the fact that communist style net censorship has now surfaced on the internet. Ad company’s are now officially denying Alternative Right Wing or Libertarian media outlets partnerships. The story had a couple key events leading up to it. Milo Yiannopoulos the editor for Brietbart was attacked by the Liberals forcing him to resign, and Infowars as well as other media outlets were denied advertising rights by Google and AdRoll. The Globalists who are trying to push this New World Order have been planning events like this since the creation of the internet. We have seen their trials and experiments on the masses in China, and other strongly censored nations.



Not commenting on the nature of Milo’s remarks about the arbitrary age of consent, we just want to focus on the Liberal’s interpretation of them. With the recent #PizzaGate controversies and proven cases of child abuse in the Globalist regime, we know with certainty that they are not sensitive to taboo sexual remarks. We don’t believe that Milo’s statements Insinuate any type of illegal or inappropriate perspectives. This whole ordeal serves as an excuse for the hypocritical Left Wing to silence another soldier against the Globalists. This is a war we don’t fight with guns or bombs, but with information.

Infowars radio host Alex Jones reported the company being cut from AdRoll for being labeled as ‘fake news.’ These are deliberate lies that the Globalists will continue to tell us in order to stop the flow of anti-Liberal facts.

Keep fighting everybody, this is a constant war for knowledge! Pray. speak, and fight for what we believe in!


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