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Mainstream Media is FAILING

Ladies and gentlemen, we have finally crossed over into a full on battle with the Globalists. With President Trump’s inauguration, and first week in office, together we are truly making America – and the world – great again!

The most important thing that President Trump has spearheaded, is his opposition to the mainstream media. Him and his supporters have identified these organisations as fraud, and exposed them for what they are.

Did you know that journalism has become so corrupt, that reporters and editors are briefed on what stories they are allowed to cover, what facts they must leave out, and what small part of the truth they may include? In fact, training to be a journalist is similar to training to become an intelligence agent, in that the majority of the truth must always remain classified, and never meet the public eye. This is the unfortunate state that the mainstream media dwells in, while claiming to be a warrior of justice, evidence, and truth.

However, this new antagonistic depiction of the media by new alternative sources and now our White House has led them to release a plethora of fake news and ridiculous stories as it has in the past. This time we are not fooled by the regular cast of sworded characters the media throws at us, but millions of people are in total opposition to the lies and deceit. We no longer fall for subliminal propaganda, Governmental brainwashing, and distraction content, but are all fact-checkers in ourselves.

The mainstream media’s finances are plummeting, this election has driven them right into the ground. They made the mistake of showing their own agenda’s and fake facts, and have lost the trust of millions.

We are finally sword to sword with the powers and principalities we have bowed to for decades. This secret society of control and manipulation is under attack. We are taking down the globalists, together.

But in order to keep this fight going, we have to remain true to honest, non-disputable observations and facts. We can not censor the truth the way the mainstream media did when it began to fall. We must always dedicate ourselves to revealing reality, no matter how dangerous it gets.

Looking for reliable news that is based on true facts, and is not cencored by the Globalists?

and of course, right here at HappyTabernacle , your source for reliable and honest news.


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