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Continue Supporting Alternative News Sources Like Us – FIGHTING THE MCM

Tomorrow is the day many have been eagerly waiting for, whether it be eager in excitement or dismay. The inauguration of President Elect Donald Trump, to become the next President of The United States.

A day that marks the beginning of the fulfilment of ancient prophecies, or simply the beginning of four years of boring policy reformations. The beginning of a Nuclear War that shakes the future of the world, or the beginning of a new Cold War fighting for favour through the mainstream media and internet.

The point is, it is a new beginning. Along with our coverage of the election, and time leading up to the inauguration, thousands of people have been following suite! The United States – actually the world – has been on the edge of their seat like never before. The election has revealed a lot of truth and brought many individuals and institutions shadow dealings to the light.

We have truly wounded the Globalist regime, and have been actively protesting the establishment of the New World Order!

We have vocalised that we are tired of the rich getting richer. We won’t be brainwashed by the mainstream media, and dumbed down to the level of helpless sheep following our leader no matter how corrupt they may be. As a nation, or species, we have truly united behind the veil of passionate truth.

Our advice for this new period of history after Donald Trump’s inauguration is for us to continue moving forward. Do not allow us to fall back into Globalist control, as we were for the last eight years. We are now breaking free from the bonds of the Elites, and they are in panic mode. Independent media outlets like us are blowing up on the internet, and are spreading a true look at current events. We must continue to oppose the mainstream media, and discuss real information!

Stick with us here on this blog, and our YouTube channel and we will continue to move forward together!


3 thoughts on “Continue Supporting Alternative News Sources Like Us – FIGHTING THE MCM

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