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MKULTRA: Enslaving The Minds of The Masses

There is a war for your mind much more sinister than the government would like you to believe. The CIA and the Department of Defense have conducted experiments on both unwitting and cognizant human subjects as part of an extensive program to influence and control human behaviour through the use of psychoactive drugs such as LSD and mescaline.

In 1953, this project received over 25 million dollars, and hundreds of candidates were experimented on at 80 different institutions These experiments were extremely painful, dangerous, and often times fatal. Through the use of physical, sexual, and psychological torture, as well as drugs, and Satanic programming, subjects were able to be controlled and used as weapons to further the governments hidden agendas.

It wasn’t until the 1970’s that the public began to become aware of the government’s involvement in this occult and unethical system, and began to ask questions.

In 1973, panic began to spread from President Nixon and his administration’s involvement in an array of clandestine and often illegal activities. These include breaking into the Democratic National Committee headquarters, spying on the offices of political opponents and many more unethical actions in an attempt to gain more political control and advantage.

When this panic began to spread, CIA Director Richard Helms ordered all MKULTRA files destroyed, and most were; however, 20,000 documents managed to survive as they had been incorrectly stored in a financial records building, later to be discovered following a Freedom of Information Act request.

In 1976 President Gerald Ford finally issued the first Executive Order on intelligence activities which, among other things, prohibited “experimentation with drugs on human subjects, except with the informed consent, in writing and witnessed by a disinterested party.”

This was not the end of MKULTRA mind control tactics, however it could have been the end of a public investigation holding governments accountable for these actions.

In modern society, the program is still being used and is growing more and more each year.

Political leaders and Elitists continue to become more and more corrupt, and with the advancements of the internet snowballing into a more and more complex system, wide scale techniques of interrogation, manipulation and mind control tactics are now being unleashed onto the unsuspecting public. A.I. Chabot’s on the internet are capable of leading victims into advanced programming through the use of occult MKULTRA methods.

This is a more subtle mind control in the form of slow brainwashing that takes generations, and usually the subjects are unaware that any of this is happening to them. This is achieved by playing on the subconscious part of the brain using propaganda, mass media and pop culture to manipulate the public.

We are aware that the Establishment has much more advanced technology than the mainstream media would let us believe. some of these technologies are able to establish contact with your brain even through a computer or television screen in addition to using subliminal messaging, hyper-flashing symbolism and sound frequencies.

To better understand the concept of who’s behind these operations, consider the Illuminati, the Elites, The government, CIA, all under one pseudonym, The Globalists. these Globalists have a motive to use mind control, and it is to dumb down the masses and establish Global Control.

With the majority of the public in a trance believing the governments every word, they can begin to fulfil their own agenda’s, which we have been warned about for thousands of years through the prophecies. these coming events include a financial collapse, global warfare, FEMA Concentration camps, and complete, global control…


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