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Chicago Kidnapping: The World is Becoming Anti-White

We all seen the hateful video of a mentally handicapped man with the intellectual abilities of a child being kidnapped for two days, tortured and humiliated in Chicago. The whole thing was live streamed on Facebook.

But what the Establishment won’t do, is admit this is a racially provoked hate crime.

CNN and the police have both insinuated that the act was just kids being stupid, or ‘kids being kids.’ Call me old fashioned, but in my day ‘kids being kids’ was me staying up past my bed time, or me and my five friends bumming a smoke off somebody and splitting it on the playground.

The point being, I have never kidnapped someone of a different racial background and forced them to drink toilet water on video while I cut pieces of their scalp off and kick them.

Why is the establishment equating this terrible racial hate-crime to kids acting out?

I have noticed that in recent years we have been moving towards a societal acceptance on an anti-white movement, it’s almost become cool to be racist against white people. Some people will call this ‘reverse racism’, however we need to get to a point of acknowledging that it’s not reverse racism, it’s just racism. Whether it’s white people discriminating black people, or any race discriminating another.


I was originally afraid of the democrats being an anti-white party, but if they can allow their law enforcement to dismiss this terrible act as ‘kids being kids,’ I have officially lost all hope in them as a whole, right down to their fundamental ideologies. They are Jew-hating, white-hating, national defence-hating, anti Americans.

There is a whole generation of people growing up in this age with no political ideologies, only the ideology of conformity. The millennials of conformity are learning their behaviours from the mainstream media and celebrity culture that has been shaped to oppose white-privilege and white people in general.

It’s frightening that young people with no knowledge about politics, history, or law are shaping their opinions and stances on the world from extremist influential figures or institutions.

We see this all the time, the Establishment dumbing down the masses and creating a world full of conformists and slaves. Each generation they get closer and closer to having full control over society as a whole, and soon there won’t be any of us left to fight against this!

We have to stand up, and spread the truth! In this context it means not letting this pass as ‘kids being kids,’ but as a serious racial hate crime, equal to that of white racism against black people. We can’t allow the new generation to believe it’s okay to shame white people based on their race!

Consider this, who really has the institutional privilege in these years? Do you really think it’s still white people?




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