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Theology and Creativity – The Divine Connection

Since the beginning of time itself, things have been divinely created. Whether it is the expanse of the galaxies, the animals that inhabit our own world, or even the ideologies and principles we as humans adhere to. Things have been continuously being created for thousands of years.

This line of thought is often challenged by churches who do not encourage or acknowledge a creative congregation.

Open your bible to the first passage: “In the beginning God CREATED”

God spoke creativity into existence, and planted it deep within the minds of his children. He created infinite variations of shapes, forms, edges, colours, sounds, sizes, and even worlds.

Theology propels the creation of art in many different forms. Christians are called to take the beautiful knowledge of history and God’s word that we have, and put it on display showcasing his glory, his passion, and his love.

Making Art That Pleases God

Before I was saved, but still expressing myself through my artwork, my pieces were often interpreted as a scattered mess. While artistic skill and even a passionate flare were present, there was still no meaning or underlying declaration of faith within it.

Ironically, creating art that pleased me, was not pleasing to me in the end. This was because I was living a life so contrary to that of Jesus, who is the perfect example of using creativity to spark conversations and lines of thought about theology and God.

Jesus did not teach or preach in traditional ways. He did not conform to the ways of the world, and the norms of the land. He CREATED a new language of learning: the parables.

Through this revolutionary way of teaching his followers new creative ways of learning God’s word, he painted a dynamic illustration that empowered Christianity!

Be The Canvas, and The Painting

You have heard the quote: “I am not the artist, I am the canvas.”

This is somewhat true, but also untrue. I believe we are the canvas on which God paints a personalized picture that defines who we are. It defines our mind, how we think, how we feel. It designs our fingerprints, eye colour, shape, size. We are created in the most unique and divine way imaginable.

The same being who created us, created the expanse of the universe, the stars, the planets. On the opposite extreme, the cells that make up all living beings, and the atoms that form all things. From the utter hugeness of the universe, to the microscopic molecular level of all material things. God has created everything. He is the ultimate artist.

With that being said, it is possible to be both the canvas, and the artist. Through the grace of God’s love, and the freedom Jesus gave to us through his sacrifice, we are called to create art!

I believe that art is the way that we demonstrate all of God’s creativity, by expressing the thoughts, feelings, and talents of his creations.

This is why when churches fail to support or promote creativity, I am frustrated. I am frustrated because I know God is calling not just me, but all of his followers to create, and promote Godly, loving art.

Do not allow yourself to be conformed to conservative traditions, and turn Christianity into a bland, boring religion.

Christianity is us loving Jesus, and trying to live in his image. It is us taking theology, and God’s teachings, and transforming them into how we express ourselves. Art is inherent in all of creation, including us.


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