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Thanksgiving – My Christian Perspective


Today is Thanksgiving, the perfect day to observe all of the blessings we have collected as a nation. There is no doubt that America has fought long and hard for the freedoms, advantages, and honor it has today, however a close look reveals much more spiritual circumstances at hand.

God has blessed us and our country substantially.

Supernaturally we are above the times, having some of the most advanced and innovative ideology, technology, and liberty on the planet.

As Christians, we must remember to thank GOD today for his blessings. We do not deserve these blessings, and we surely haven’t done anything to earn them. If we got what we deserved, we would be enduring eternal torment to pay for our sins.

We inherently are born sinful, and into a world where Satan and demons play in the shadows. However on the positive side, Jesus payed the ultimate price to give us the opportunity to have a life free of a time limit, and spend the entirety of humanity with our creator.

See, while today on thanksgiving you may look at your right to vote as a blessing, the blessings we truly have stretch to the vast expansions of our very universe. The same hand that carried you through a difficult season in the past, sculpted the mountains and canyons that coat our planet.

The One who calls us his children created natural properties like time, form, and size.

We have to remember the size of our blessings, and that God should not be belittled into our tiny world.

Thanksgiving is a day to thank Him for all of the blessings, Jesus’ revolutionary ministry, and our right to serve him today without fear of persecution.

God I thank you for this life you spoke into existence for me. I thank you for my family, my friends, and my savior. In a world that seems to be falling apart steadily, we sometimes forget to acknowledge all of the beautiful work you are doing in it. I thank you for your blessings, and creativity. Help me to be a more thankful christian EVERY day of the year, and spread your message to all who will hear it.

In Jesus name,




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