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How Christians Should Quit Addictions

There were many times I woke up in a place I did not recognise, surrounded by people whom I did not know, and no memories from a clearly long, eventful night.

I sympathise with the one’s who are intrigued by the thought of scoffing back more substances, or sitting back and spending your day off drinking, until the empty bottle becomes another trophy to add to the collection.When one occasional cigarette turns into a pack and a half a day, and smoking weed is the type of hobbie you change your Facebook religion status to–

I am no stranger to substance abuse.

I am currently praying however, for the people out there who are still trapped by addictions, and it is my hope you find deliverance in Jesus love.

Once you dive into his word for us (the Bible) you find a new way of living that has so much purpose, and in addition to this describes an endless love that is just for us. We are cared for by the most important man who ever lived.

Someone was willing to watch their son be brutally tortured and murdered for us, just so that we could have a chance to live.

I’m not going to throw bible verses in your face in an attempt to scare you into quitting smoking or drinking.

I’d rather if instead of hearing me talk about it, you could feel the power of Jesus, and the compassion he feels for us. No one on this Earth will ever love you like he does,

and you will never love anyone to that degree.

Once you truly feel his love flowing through you, I promise you a cigarette or a beer will not compare. The Holy spirit is intoxicating, addicting, and uplifting.

Are you trying to quit an addiction?

My advice to you is to pray more than you ever have before,

read the bible more than you ever have before,

and Jesus will separate you from your addictions.

you do not need any addictions on this Earth, but I assure you that the love of Jesus is something you need more than you know.



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