Goodbye Harper: I don’t HATE you

It’s official, Harper is no longer our Prime Minister; the leading voice of our country. It is not surprising that Canadians collectively chose to evict him from office, nor is it surprising that our country is now under the wing of Justin Trudeau, of the Liberal Party of Canada. Early statistics dictated a trending red ribbon taking the country by storm, and his promises of a prosperous and ever different country appealed to the desperate Canadians.


This post is not a Harper bash-party, or worshiping the feet of Justin Trudeau, it is a benchmark in Canadian History, and commentary of a young Canadian.

I agree, Harper’s decade was a very damaging season for this country, and frankly, most of it is his fault. But it is vital us Canadians do not compare him to the level of Hitler, Stalin, or Macbeth.

Must we forget the beautiful law allowing women to abort a child they cannot financially or emotionally afford?

Or the fact that in Canada a same-sex marriage is both lawful and accepted?

I am saying goodbye to Stephen Harper on a neutral note, and without any grudges or bottled anger within.

Though I agree with some of Harper’s policies, and as a politician I have a formal respect for him, I still believe he is incapable of governing a stable economy, and a threat to the financial property of Canada.

I hope that the Conservatives go a long time before they are re-elected to run this country, and now we can begin a decade of restoring the economy of this fragile country, and create a brighter future for our home.

Justin Trudeau is now leading this country, and we can only hope his promises go through, and do not destroy our economy further. His policies and views are admirable, though his plan for our economy is still shaky and premature.

As with anything in life, we will have to wait and live, to see where our political future takes us.

Goodbye Stephen Harper, and welcome to power Justin Trudeau;

let’s make Canada a worthwhile place to live.


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