5 Ways to Live a Fulfilling Life

Life is a ride which we have no say in beginning. While it is full of blessings many pass by, it’s not difficult to imagine that many go through it feeling meaningless and lost. Here are five ways off the top of my head that I believe can add meaning to an otherwise, ambiguous ride.

1) Find people who challenge you, and inspire you to live with meaning.

We are conditioned into filling our lives with people with whom we are comfortable. How can we move forward in life, without helping other people’s lives move forward. I have been friend with drug dealers, porn stars, alcoholics, homosexuals — misfits by societies standards. But having these people in my life puts me in a position to positively affect them, which in turn positively affects me.

2) Appreciate Nature, and the world we live in.

The world around us is so inspiring. When I see the flowers, the mountains, the oceans and skies — I know a genius man designed it. I find peace in smelling blooming flowers, and looking at the colorful horizons over the crashing sea’s I have the pleasure of living beside.

3) Music, the communication of the heart and soul.

Music is designed and intended to pluck at heart strings, and create new thought patterns. Take advantage of this! If you’re in a sad mood, listen to music that matches it! Know other’s have felt the same way, and listen to their method of expressing it.

4) Stop trying to impress others.

There will always be people who oppose you. This means you’re doing things right! As an artist, I’ve come across countless people who don’t believe in what I do. Either my poetry has no meaning, or is too vulgar for publication, nevertheless, it is never good enough. In past times, this would have bothered me exponentially, but now I see it only as a blessing. “Alll press is good press,” or something like that.

5) Give up on money.

The love of money is the root of evil. Isn’t it? It is a poison that has only brought humanity down, and eliminated humanity from humanity. Once money plants it’s anchor on you, it can drag you down to the bottom of an ocean of pain. Release yourself from said anchor, and reap emotions of freedom and a love for the smaller things in life.


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