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The Risk of Love

If you choose to love someone, you are opening your heart up to a grand
amount of vulnerability. It’s the single-most easy way to allow yourself to
be hurt. But the beauty of it is, it can also lift you up in ways you never
thought possible, and change the person you are in beautiful effect.

One of the worst and most dreaded ways a partner can hurt you is in
infidelity. I like to say that curiosity didn’t kill the cat, infidelity did.
It can inspire thoughts of darkness, pain, and remorse. Regret for trusting
this person with your heart, and allowing them to tear it to crumbs.

To love in general is to be vulnerable. It is to open yourself up to the possibility of harm, or the possibility of such beautiful, wonderful, things.

SO, in a time of darkness, after recently finding out your significant other cheated on you, I would reccomend you step back and think and consider things. It is easy and habitual to over-react and make rash decisions you will likely kick yourself for later on.

There are endless amounts of people God’s put on this Earth, perhaps the one you were with, was wrong for you?

Perhaps the thought of beautiful things to come, could help to anchor you after the pain of your partner cheating on you resonates.



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