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A Letter to God

If I could write a letter to God, I’m sure it would be filled with apologies and excuses.

I’m certain it would apologize for my addiction to sin, and my unwillingness to change. It would likely account for the times when I could have mentioned him, but chose not to.

In fact I think the entire letter would make me sound worse than I am! It would be a list of my shortcomings and mistakes. But instead, what if I filled the letter with thank you’s?

What if I wrote:

Thank you for this beautiful Earth for us to live on! Thank you for the birds I hear chirping in the mornings, and the sunlight that peeks in through my curtains! Thank you for the health you’ve blessed me with! The people you’ve placed in my life, so strategically might I add! Thank you for always being there, being someone I can count on! Thank you for inventing love, and letting it change lives for the better! Thank you for letting me see lives transformed because of doors you’ve opened! Thank you for creating miracles to lift us up, and teaching us lessons when we need to be brought down, (so we can rise back up again!)

The letter can be beautiful, and a work of writing worth sharing!

It’s a matter of perspective. Apologizing for the bad, or praising for the good.

What would your letter say?



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